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As I'm going through my notes, I'm looking for something very specific, a few websites I recall writing down in a very organized fashion, in order of importance.

Going through my second notebook of notes, I notice in the very back of it the information and resources I was seeking. It even outlines what I'm suppose to do, which I didn't recall doing, since I did it yesterday, thinking I was having an AH HA moment.

Here's where it gets really groovy.

On the bottom of the page are these three words with a box around them ... GET STARTED NOW

What is seemingly divine is this is the exact moment when I must put all of this information, tools and resources into action. This and similar experiences brings me to another journey of thought that's most profound ...

Think about what you want to do without creating any limitations, then write out what you want to do on paper. Tomorrow do it again and the next day do it again and again. What happens in time, given that it's something you really want to do is quite amazing to say the least.

While I may share experience after experience it's sort of like swimming, riding a bike or having sex it's really something you should experience on your own, because then you will truly internalize the gift you've been giving.

QUESTION: Is this the type of information that you would expect me to include in a book on personal growth and development?

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You should want more for yourself


If we assume for a moment the Universe is actually expanding (growing), it's similar to the Universe stating, it wants more to explore, there's more to do, more to experience, more to create and more to give back.

Why don't you have a burning desire to expand your horizons, to experience more, to explore more, to create more, to grow more and to give back more? You are still here; there's still much to do.

Do not allow the whims of disparity to keep you down for too long. Do not allow the naysayers, critics and those filled with criticism to keep you in a pit of discouragement. You came to us a natural born winner. High level achievement is your birth right/rite.

There's no turning back now. You must forge ahead. You must plant seeds of equivalent greatness, not only for your own success, but for the success of those to follow. Remember now, when you were born there was already a working society, transportation, currency in the form of money, buildings, farming, agriculture and so much ... so much was created before you were born, so you must do your part in creating something for those to come.

Now get off your assets and make a great way!


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What you think is what you create, are you thinking the right thoughts?


I'm going through a number of my older tweets and it's deep, profound, eye opening and/or divine. What I was sharing with other people seems to be a greater tale of what I was sharing with myself.

Lesson to be learned, don't just be mindful of what you think, write, post and/or tweet, but actually "decide" what you're going to think and when you don't like a certain thought, change it, quick fast and in a hurry, like right now, yes, I mean at once.

The other lesson is when you truly want a life of being happy, healthy and wealthy, think those thoughts, write, post, tweet and speak those words to make that your reality.

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What are you thankful for today?


Take a moment and give a thought, prayer and/or meditation of gratitude for what you have in life that is good and great. Sure all things may not be as you'd like, but I assure you even at your lowest point there's someone right now that is at an even lower point in the human experience.

You may begin to feel a sense of gratitude by writing down all that is good in your life, create an itemized list. Start with the seemingly very small. You may write you're thankful for the ability to breath without the aid of an oxygen tank or that you have all of your limbs. If you don't have all of your natural limbs you may be thankful for the artificial limbs you've been given. When you don't have your natural or artificial limbs, you may be thankful for your ability to see, the place in which you reside, the clothes you have to wear, clean drinking and bathing water and so forth. Continue to write a list of all that you have to be thankful for until your hand starts hurting, perhaps then you will experience how great you actually have it in this life time. 

Create a gratitude journal. Everyday write out those experiences you've had, places you've traveled, people you've met, conversations you've participated in, concerts you've attended and so forth. You may include all those opportunities that the preceding day gave you in your gratitude journal. Over time you will read for yourself just how fortunate you are in this life time, despite the occasional curve balls that are thrown your way. Who knows, after consistent writing in your gratitude journal you may have enough information to publish your own paperback and ebook as a way to help others while positioning yourself to earn money while you sleep

You may define gratitude as showing or having appreciation, giving thanks and/or being grateful. You may also define gratitude as having a great attitude.

Be happy, healthy and wealthy.

"Is your journey inspiring others to be better tomorrow than they are today?"

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Do you know the one thing all successful people have in common?


When first learning about publishing ebooks on Kindle a successful internet marketer (self-made millionaire) said, "JAWAR, one of the main reasons most people never succeed is because they get caught in being perfect," he went on to say, while you should make your ebooks the best you can don't get caught in attempting to make them perfect, "JUST GET THEM PUBLISHED!" He was right.

There are a number of people I shared the information with about publishing ebooks on Kindle around the same time I was learning and they are still wondering if they should publish or not ... meanwhile I continue to get paid month after month after month after month. STOP PLAYING AROUND and start making your money.

There's always something to learn, because education is a life long journey not a destination. As long as you know what to do, get going. Tomorrow is promised, we are not and all of us have an expiration date.

Sometimes, often times family doesn't get where you're coming from and more importantly, where you're going. They may be overly critical, condescending, unsupportive and a host of other things you don't need. In terms of family not overstanding ... one of my friends and mentors is a self made millionaire several times over and a number of his family members still don't get it. Heck one of them contacted me on Facebook and asked me about something he teaches ... I looked at the phone and said, while I'm thankful you're asking me about ... you have a relative who is extremely successful and I know they will teach you free of charge, because they are that type of person, you should talk directly to them, because they are the one who taught me.

If you haven't done so, you'll want to join the laptop group at the group is designed to help laptop and home based businesses share information, wisdom and encouragement.

The one thing that all successful people have in common is they get started. This may seem overly simple, but it's true. Think about all the writers who said or say they want to publish a book, but never finish writing their book, open a Kindle account or upload their book to Kindle after they open they open the account. Think about all the people who say they want to have X number of dollars, but never save or invest their financial resources. In order for you to greatly increase your chances for being a success you have to get started and get started immediately.


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