Shoes, Cars & Marriage


" seem to be more permanent than marriage nowadays." Tajuana Crayton

When should you purchase new shoes or cars? When should you get married? When should you leave the shoes or cars at the store? When should you stop dating someone? When should you return your shoes or cars? When should you get a divorce?

Trying on shoes in a store may sometimes be similar to test driving a car, you know for sure if the shoes don't fit just as you know for sure if a certain car isn't right for you when you test drive. Sometimes there's the instant you're not 100% sure on the shoes or the car and consider returning them after they've been worn.

Out of a perceived need to have the shoes and/or car immediately you may make the initial purchase figuring they're "good enough" only to find out when you put the product to "your" real world use they really don't fit. Unfortunately, people sometimes do this in their romantic relationships and prematurely get married thinking the person they married is "good enough." That's not fair to you nor the other person. Don't marry because the person is "good enough" marry because...

My disclaimer, I've yet to be married.

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This article has 1 comment

  1. Tajuana 02/15/2011, 10:17 PM:

    Hmmm…when I think about marriage and the term “good enough” it makes me think about how so many of us (single folks) are maintaining our single status because we think of others as “good enough” or “not good enough”. But speaking as an all knowing single about marriage…lol, I think we might reconsider the “good enough” judgement of other people and leave that to cars, shoes and whatever else. Maybe, we might want to consider when determining whether or not to wed, maybe consider whether or not that person that can deal/work with you AND whether or not you can work /deal with that person. Also except for that person to change, it’s silly not to expect change in people, if everything around us changes and our environment and experience help to mold us. Doesn’t the term “mold” mean there is change happening?

    Why not embrace the change? It’s going to happen anyway to all parties involved. We expect people to adjust and mature, right? Isn’t that change? It’s funny it seems as thought the singles that have the ruler out and ready to determine whether or not others measure up seem to be the perpetual singles. We might want to reconsider the ruler by which we measure “good enough.”

    From one single to another. lol 🙂

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