God, Religion and Sports… A Game of Verbal Masturbation!


It's interesting to read the various conversations about God, religion and sports. Does God really care who wins or looses in a game of athletics? I could be wrong, but aren't many sports simply modern day gladiator games?

...Games that have little to do with curing the ills of the world or lifting humanity to a more wonderful place of existence.

Perhaps if more prayer and prayer being put into practice were given to stopping and preventing wars, ending world hunger, stopping and prevention of rape, slave trade, women being abused, homelessness, abuse of police brutality, drug proliferation, disease, resource grabbing... the world would be a better place.

Perhaps if people invested as much time doing good than debating the merits of religion in sports this world we live would be a better place today and tomorrow forever more.

It seems almost trivial to consider God in sports unless in fact, an athletic game was used to help cure some of the ills of the world and/or lift humanity from where it is now into some place more wonderful.

As always, I look forward to your interesting responses. ;-)

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